Carduelis chloris

Greenfinch / Grönfink

Main author: 
Magnus Hellström, September 2014.

Ottenby Bird Observatory. 2015. Ringers' DigiGuide - Carduelis chloris.
                      Adult          Young
SC               sp
winter            -                   -
Young sp: The post-juvenile moult includes the body, LC, MC, most GC (commonly 7-10 GC included, but more restricted moult with only a few inner moulted GC are not rare), 0-3 tertials and often some (sometimes even all) RR. Occasionally, birds showing more extensive moult may even have included single PP, often in the central part of the hand. Note that this applies to Scandinavian birds - southern populations moult much more extensively, and in some areas the moult is best regarded as complete.
Adult SC: The post-breeding moult includes the whole plumage.
Number of GC included in the post-juvenile moult shown as percentage of 1cy birds at Ottenby 2011-2013 (n=212).
[The symbol + is used for birds showing irregular moult sequence.]
[Two categories of birds were excluded: 1) Birds that had not yet conducted the moult of the GC, and 2) birds where the assessment of the moult was deemed as less certain.]


Autumn and spring
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