Phylloscopus trochiloides - autumn

Greenish Warbler


In 1cy, whole plumage is fresh, including whole wing and tail. Adult shows worn wing and tail. 

  • Whole plumage (including wing and tail) is fresh. Signs of wear starts to show in tips of PP during mid or late autumn.
  • Whole plumage (including wing and tail) is worn, often notably so in GC, PC, tips of PP, as well as in any unmoulted TT or RR.

1cy August. Whole wing uniform and fresh. Note well kept pale tips to GC. [SN9021]

2cy+ August. Whole wing, including LC, MC, GC, and PC, is worn. [SS6977]

1cy August, showing fresh tips to PP. [SV2382]

2cy+ August. Typically worn tips of PP. [SS6977]

1cy August. The juvenile TT are fresh, although still show a rather typical juvenile loose quality. [SV2382]

2cy+ August. In early autumn, adult birds may still show active moult in the wing. Note the wom pre-breeding inner T and the growing fresh central T while the longer one is missing completly. Compare the adult quality of the central T with the juvenile ones on the image to the left. [SS6977]

1cy Augusti, showing uniform and fresh juvenile RR. [SV2382]

2cy+ August. Adult tail showing rather worn pre-breeding left R2 and left R4 while the rest of the tail is fresh post-breeding (right R2 is missing). [SS6977]

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