Ficedula albicollis - sexing spring

Collared Flycatcher


During spring sexing is very straight forward due to distinct sexual dimorphism. The grey morph plumage type seen in male hypoleuca does not exist in albicollis (at most, a few males male show some grey admixed in the black).

2cy/3cy+: Males are easily reckognized due to the black-and-white plumage and distinct white patch in the forehead, in contrast to the paler greyish-brown females.

Male, 2cy, May. Easily reckognized by their distinctive black-and-white plumage. [CP45116]

Female, 3cy+, May. Females show greyish-brown upperparts, lack of white forehead patch, less white in the TT and paler uppertail-c, RR, PP and SS. [CX54630]

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