Scolopax rusticola


Main author: Samuel Perfect, January 2021.

Citation: Ottenby Bird Observatory. 2015. Ringers’ DigiGuide – Scolopax rusticola.


                     Adult         Young

Summer       SC*            sp

Winter          wp             wp?

Young sp: The post-juv moult (conducted at two months old) includes the entire head and body, all RR (sometimes R1 is retained) as well as all LC, MC, and ranging from one-third to all GC. One-half to all TT are also included as well as occasional AL.
Young wp: It is unknown whether a winter partial moult is conducted. If so, it is likely to be limited to parts of the head and/or body.
Adult SC: The post-br moult (from Jul to Oct) includes the whole plumage. Some individuals arrest the moult of SS and/or underwing GC, thus showing two generations of feathers.
Adult wp: The pre-br moult (from Feb to May) includes some body and head feathers and occasionally RR.


No plumage differences.

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