Asio otus

Long-eared Owl

Main author: Stina Andersson, November 2014.
Supplemented by: Magnus Hellström, November 2014.
Citation: Ottenby Bird Observatory. 2015. Ringers’ DigiGuide – Asio otus.


                     Adult         Young

Summer       SC*             sp

Winter           –                 –

Young sp: The post-juvenile moult includes the body, LC, MC and all GC, but not remiges, PC or TT.
Adult SC: The post-breeding moult (June-November) is complete, but c. 35% of the older (2cy+) birds at Ottenby have left one or several SS unmoulted. SS generally moulted from three different centres, often with SS1-4, SS5-7 och SS8-12 in each group. Tail does usually not show any contrasts since all RR are generally shed and grown simultaneously.

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