Fringilla coelebs - sexing



After completion of post-juvenile moult, readily sexed based on the pattern/colour of LC/MC and head/body.

Male, 1cy, October. MC and lower LC nearly all white, forming a large, unbroken and close to pure white patch on the upper wing. [1ES79588]

Female, 2cy+, October. MC and lower LC with broad whitish tips, but black bases to the feathers breaking through, creating a rather untidy appearance. [1ET80593]

Male, 1cy, October. Rusty pinkish-red underparts and face/ear-c is clearly shown also by young males. Crown blueish-grey, in fresh plumage generally concealed by brownish feather tips. [1ES79692]

Female, 2cy+, September. Head and body coloured in dull olive-brown. No traces of blueish-grey in the crown. [1ET80466]

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