Sylvia atricapilla - sexing autumn



Juv birds can not be sexed; all show a crown looking like a pale and diffuse version of females. As the juv crown feathers are replaced in the post-juv moult, the sexes are readily separable.

Male, 1cy, September. During autumn, young males may show anything from single black feathers to a complete black cap. Like this bird, the black feathers often show brown tips that wear off with time. [1EV96070]

Female, 1cy, September. Typical female showing a rusty brown crown.[1ET81879]

Male, 1cy, August. A few birds may seem more ambigous or intermediate, but such individuals are most likely always males that conducted its moult in a pre-mature state. [1ET80079]

Male, 1cy, September. Another example of a slightly odd looking individual. [1ET28670]

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