Welcome to Ringers’ DigiGuide! This web site contains a photographically illustrated guide, meant to facilitate bird ringers in ageing and sexing birds (primarily passerines) of the Scandinavian countries.

Completing the guide is an ongoing project, and new species will be added in due time. Any suggestions of corrections should be sent to magnus.hellstrom@ottenby.se. For public discussions concerning this guide, ageing and sexing of birds and other related topics, we recommend using the facebook group with the same name – Ringers’ DigiGuide.

All birds are photographed at Ottenby Bird Observatory, situated at the southern point of the Baltic island Öland in south-east Sweden, approximately at the coordinates 56°11’51″N, 16°23’58″E.

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Ottenby Bird Observatory is a non-profit organization that depends on contributions from friends and tourism to fund our research, education and monitoring. Please consider to make a contribution!

Latest additions:

2021-01-14 Woodcock
2019-09-19 Rough-legged Buzzard

2019-09-11 Bluethroat

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