Luscinia svecica - Sexing autumn



Following the post-juv moult more or less all birds are possible to sex using the criteria outlined below.

Male, 1cy, August. Most young males show obvious blue in upper breast and sides of throat, as well as some rufous fethering in the breast. [1EZ23526]

Male, 1cy, October. A few males are less obvious, showing more restricted amount of blue and rufous in breast. [1EV97081]

Female, 1cy, September. Young females most often lack any blue in the plumage and show no or very restricted pale rufous. [1ET28701]

Female, 1cy, September. Occasionally, like here, some young females may show single bluish feahters in the upper breast. [1EZ23499]

Male, 2cy+, September. A lot of blue in upper breast and sides of throat. Rufous present in both lower breast and in throat. [1ET80360]

Female, 2cy+, September. Adult female may show blue and black admixed in the breast (sometimes with some rufous feathering below) and, occasionally, some restricted blue in the sides of throat. However, onced aged correctly it should not be confused with dull young males. 1EV96943]

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