Sylvia borin - autumn

Garden Warbler


In 1cy, whole plumage is fresh, including wing and tail. Adult shows worn wing and tail. Birds from both age classes may or may not show moult contrasts in innermost GC7-10 (occasionally even further out in the wing). 

  • Whole wing is fresh. Signs of wear starts to show in tips of PP during mid or late autumn.
  • Tail is fresh and nearly always unifomly juvenile (and if a single R was moulted, both generations are in good condition).
  • Colour of iris is rather cold brownish-grey, but the difference to adult is not always obvious.
  • Whole wing is worn, often notably so in GC, PC and tips of PP. A few inner GC or a single T may be moulted (and then fresh).
  • Whole tail is worn, but occasionally single RR may have been included in the post-breeding moult.
  • Colour of iris is generally warmer greyish-brown.

1cy September. LC, MC and GC are fresh (regardless weather they are juvenile or post-juvenile). This bird included GC9-10 in the post-juvenile moult, showing a slight contrast to the adjecent juvenile GC. [1ET80115]

1cy September, showing the same extent of moult as the bird to the left. [JA26337]

2cy+ August. This bird shows an unusually extensive post-breeding moult with GC4-10 moulted, creating a sharp contrast to typically worn pre-breeding MC and GC. Note that most adult does not include any GC at all in the post-breeding moult, and that the two shown here are less typical in that respect. [1ET29928]

2cy+ August. Another adult showing extensive moult - GC6-8 are fresh post-breeding while innermost GC9-10 are pre-breeding (like rest of wing). Note the typically worn outer GC. [1ES24131]

1cy August. Uniform and typically fresh juvenile RR. [1ET80020]

1cy September, showing variation. [1ET80115]

2cy+ August. Note the typically worn pre-breeding tail of adult. [1ET80087]

2cy+ August. Most adult birds show uniform and worn pre-breeing RR, but note that this one lacks two feathers and, further, seems to have moulted left R6 and right R1. This is a rather odd pattern and may perhaps be the result from accidental loss during the spring/summer. [1ES24131]

1cy August, showing uniform and fresh juvenile TT. [1ES24206]

1cy August, showing variation. [1ET10603]

2cy+ August. Most adult birds show uniform and worn pre-breeing TT, but note that this one included the central feather in the post-breeding moult. [1ET29928]

2cy+ August, showing uniform and typically worn pre-breeding TT. [1ET80087]

1cy August. The juvenile PC are fresh with neat olive-brown edges during autumn. [1ET80020]

1cy September, showing variation. [JA26337]

2cy+ August. The pre-breeding PC in adult birds are brownish worn, with abrasion showing in tips and edges. [1ES24131]

2cy+ August, showing variation. [1ET80087]

1cy August. Colour of iris generally slightly colder brownish-grey than in adult, but the difference is not always marked. [1ET10603]

2cy+ August. Colour of iris is generally slightly warmer greyish-browm. [1ES24131]

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