Hippolais icterina - autumn

Icterine Warbler


In 1cy, whole plumage is fresh, including wing and tail. Adult shows worn wing and tail (but note that some may include single RR in the post-breeding moult). Birds from both age classes may occsionally show moult contrasts in innermost GC9-10. Colour of iris is supportive.
  • Whole wing is fresh. Signs of wear starts to show in tips of PP during mid or late autumn.
  • Tail is fresh and uniform.
  • Colour of iris is rather cold brownish-olive.
  • Whole wing is worn, often notably so in GC, PC and tips of PP.
  • Whole tail is worn, but occasionally single RR may have been included in the post-breeding moult.
  • Colour of iris is warm brown.

1cy August. LC, MC and GC are fresh (regardless weather they are juvenile or post-juvenile). A few birds may have moulted GC9-10, showing a slight contrast to the adjecent juvenile GC. [CV05280]

2cy+ August. This bird shows a freshly moulted GC10 creating a sharp contrast to typically worn pre-breeding MC and GC. LC seem to contain both pre-breeding and post-breeding feathers. [CV05028]

1cy August. Uniform and typically fresh juvenile RR. [CV05280]

2cy+ August. Note the typically worn pre-breeding tail of adult. This bird have included right R1 in the post-breeding moult (still growing). [CV05145]

1cy August. The juvenile PC are fresh with neat green edges during autumn. [CV05280]

2cy+ August. The pre-breeding PC in adult birds are brownish worn, with abrasion showing in tips and edges. [CV05028]

1cy September, showing uniform and fresh juvenile TT. [CV06092]

2cy+ August. Most adult birds show uniform and worn pre-breeing TT, but note that this one included the central feather in the post-breeding moult. [CV05028]

1cy August. Colour of iris is cold brownish-olive. [CV05280]

2cy+ August. Colour of iris is warm brown. [CV05028]

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