Ficedula albicollis - sexing spring

Collared Flycatcher / Halsbandsflugsnappare


During spring sexing is very straight forward due to distinct sexual dimorphism. The grey morph plumage type seen in male hypoleuca does not exist in albicollis (at most, a few males male show some grey admixed in the black).

2cy/3cy+: Males are easily reckognized due to the black-and-white plumage and distinct white patch in the forehead, in contrast to the paler greyish-brown females.
Male, 2cy, May. Easily reckognized by their distinctive black-and-white plumage. [CP45116]
Female, 3cy+, May. Females show greyish-brown upperparts, lack of white forehead patch, less white in the tertials and paler uppertail-coverts, RR, PP and SS. [CX54630]
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